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Welcome to the Hub – an online discussion forum for members-only. Members can share their views on governance-related topics and post links to relevant articles or resources. The Hub was created to facilitate discussion and collaboration between members.

To access the Hub, click here.

Please note if you have registered you may login.

If you have not already registered, you must register. Only CCGG Members may register. To register go to the Hub and click the “Register” icon and agree to the conditions. You must then choose a username, enter your work e-mail address and select a password. Finally, enter the text that appears in the box and submit your registration. CCGG will then activate your account and send you an email confirmation.

Detailed instructions on how to create, reply and subscribe to posts are below.

Create a post (topic) after logging in:

1)      Click on the icon ‘Your first forum’. You will be directed to a new page.

2)      Click on the icon ‘New Topic’. A new page will appear.

3)      Enter the subject and the text of your post, then click ‘Submit’. 


Reply to a post:

1)      Click on the topic you wish to comment on. The topic page will open.

2)      Click on ‘Post reply’ and enter your text on the following page.

3)      Click ‘Submit’.


Subscribe to receive e-mail notifications of all new posts:

1)      Go to the ‘Your first forum’ page.

2)      Click on the ‘subscribe forum’ icon on the bottom of the page.

3)      Once you have subscribed, the page will notify you that you have subscribed to receive notices of new posts.


If you have any questions, please contact us

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