Building High Performance Boards

CCGG has developed Building High Performance Boards to provide boards guidance on how they may structure themselves and their policies so that they may foster good governance practices. CCGG believes that good governance is a condition – not a guarantee – of long-term financial performance, but it cannot be just a theoretical exercise.

The latest incarnation of Building High Performance Boards updates CCGG’s 2010 guidelines. Governance will continue to evolve as communication between shareholders and directors develops, and as global governance practices evolve. We expect Canadian companies to develop and adopt many new best practices over time, and will periodically revise this document to ensure it stays modern and relevant.

CCGG also believes there maybe differences in governance between companies with controlling shareholders and those that are widely held. CCGG will be researching controlled companies in order to understand the governance issues that are unique to these businesses.

Building High Performance Boards - August 2013

Building High Performance Boards - March 2010



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