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Can Institutional Investors Improve Corporate Governance Through Collective Action? 

Professors Craig Doidge, Alexander Dyck, Hamed Mahmudi, and Aazam Virani published a study of CCGG in April 2015 showing the positive influence CCGG has had on certain key governance changes by Canadian public companies.

The Value of Governance

The Value of Governance, by Professor Anita Anand, was published in February of 2013. This document references academic publications from around the world that suggest a positive relationship between good governance and and firm value. The cited works are listed below and are sorted by publication date.

Author(s) Title Journal Pub. V. I. Pg.
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Other External Publications

Author(s) Title Journal Pub. V. I. Pg.
Paul Hodgson and Greg Ruel, GMI Ratings The Costs of a Combined Chair/CEO July 5, 2012


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