Mission & Objectives


Representing the interests of institutional investors, the Canadian Coalition for Good Governance promotes good governance practices in Canadian public companies and the improvement of the regulatory environment to best align the interests of boards and management with those of their shareholders, and to promote the efficiency and effectiveness of the Canadian capital markets.




To achieve its mission, the CCGG will:

  1. Work to improve the way that Canadian public companies govern themselves, and the regulatory framework in which they operate, to ensure that the interests of their shareholders are key considerations in business decisions and the use of corporate assets.
  2. Be a constructive partner with boards and management and encourage leading companies to adopt the highest standards of governance and act as role models. The CCGG will generally not publicly target the deficiencies of specific companies, but will privately engage them in a thoughtful discussion of our governance guidelines.
  3. Work with companies and policy makers to ensure that Canadian public companies have governance practices and a regulatory framework that meet or exceed global "best practices".
  4. Be the "voice" of the Canadian "buy side" on governance matters to boards, management, corporate advisers, regulators, governments, and other relevant audiences.


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