Governance Gavel Awards

CCGG Governance Gavel Awards were created in 2005 to recognize excellence in communications by large issuers with shareholders through their annual proxy circular. The initial focus of the Governance Gavel Awards was on executive compensation disclosure and the communication of director qualifications and board practices to shareholders.

As communications and governance practices have evolved and shareholder engagement has become a cornerstone of good governance, CCGG has expanded the Governance Gavel Awards to recognize issuers who:

  • meet CCGG’s Building High Performance Boards guidelines, develop and maintain exceptional disclosure practices, and actively engage all shareholders
  • make substantial progress in improving their governance, disclosure and shareholder engagement practices, and
  • are leaders in the small- and medium-sized issuer segments of the Canadian capital markets in governance, disclosure and shareholder engagement.

If you have any questions or suggestions for the Governance Gavel Awards, please contact Tony D'Onofrio, Director of Issuer Research  at  or at 416-363-8253.

Canadian Coalition for Good Governance Announces the Recipients of the 2015 Governance Gavel Awards

The Canadian Coalition for Good Governance is pleased to announce the recipients of the 2015 Governance Gavel Awards which were presented at the 17th Annual Corporate Governance Conference hosted by the Canadian Society of Corporate Secretaries in Montreal, QC in August 2015.

Best Disclosure of Board Governance Practices and Director Qualifications:
Methanex Corporation

Best Disclosure of Approach to Executive Compensation:
Finning International Inc. 

Best Disclosure of Governance Practices and Approach to Executive Compensation by a Small-Cap Issuer:
Canadian Western Bank

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